Workspace administrators can restore a model to a previous version in the model's history, marked by a unique ID.

If you use Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), workspace administrators can unlink revision tags between the current and previous version when they restore to the previous version.

Note: Revision tags are an ALM feature, so the option to remove them only displays if ALM is enabled. You must have a Professional or Enterprise subscription to enable ALM.

To restore a model to a previous version:

  1. Select History  in the model settings bar.
  2. Select a time range for when you want to restore the model settings.
  3. Select Show History.
  4. Select the Model ID you want restored in the History dialog.
  5. Select Restore to ID. The selected model ID displays in the restore point field.
    If you select OK, this closes the history dialog, but doesn't restore to an earlier version.
  6. For ALM users: Optionally select Unlink revisions created after this restore point.
  7. Select Restore and select OK to confirm.

Note: If your model is in deployed mode, you can only restore to a point after the last synchronization.