1. Modeling
  2. History
  3. View model history

Model builders can view a detailed history for an entire model, or a single data cell in a module or dashboard. Details include a description of the change, and the user who made the change.

Note: All users can view data changes for single or selected cells. Learn more in Cell history.

For example, you can view an audit trail for all data changes made to a module in your model.

To view your model’s history:

  1. Select History in the model settings bar.
    Note: If you want to view changes made to a module or dashboard, right-click on a cell in a module or dashboard and select Show History.
  2. Select a time range.
  3. Select Show History.

If your model is in Standard mode, select Save Options to save the export as an action.

Next, you can view changes made to your model in its history.