You can run a copy branch action from a dashboard to copy an item and its children to the same parent item or a different parent item. The action copies all associated data across all modules and list properties in the model.

Some copy branch actions are configured to open another dashboard after the new item or items are created. This enables you to perform the next steps in your workflow.

A workspace administrator must set up a copy branch action and publish it to a dashboard as a button before you can run it. They must also publish the list that the action assigns items to on the same dashboard.

Note: When the workspace administrator sets up the action, they can configure it to open another dashboard. They can also configure it so you receive a prompt to restrict the items that display in any view on the target dashboard.

To run a copy branch action:

  1. On the dashboard with the copy branch button, select one or more items to designate the branch or branches you want to copy.
    To select multiple items, either:
    • Select one item, hold down Shift, then select another item and release Shift.
      The two items and all items between them are selected.
    • Select one item, hold down Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac), and select as many other items as you want, then release Ctrl or Command.
      All items you select are selected, and only those items.
  2. Select the Copy branch action button.
    Note that the button may not be labeled Copy branch, as the workspace administrator who creates it can choose a label that suits your use case. The label name should follow best practice name conventions to help you identify it.
  3. In the left-hand field of the dialog that displays, select the parent items under which you want to copy the branch or branches.
    If configured by your workspace administrator, a dropdown displays to enable you to filter the parent list by list properties.
    The Filter by ancestor dropdown always displays. Where the list has a parent hierarchy, you can select a parent (ancestor) to refine the list of items to only those with that parent. 
  4. Select the right arrow to move items from the left-hand field to the right-hand field.
  5. Select OK.
  6. If the action prompts you to restrict the selection to only show recently created items, select:
    • Yes to restrict the dashboard view to the items the action created.
      You can right-click on the view and select Show All to display all items again.
    • No to display all items in any view on the dashboard.

Note: If you do not have dynamic cell access to data in a cell the parent list applies to, the data is copied but does not display for you. It does display for users who do have dynamic cell access.