Workspace administrators can create model actions that enable you to repeat and automate routine tasks. Where actions can be run by non-workspace administrators, you can publish them to dashboards in models. You can also publish imports, exports, and processes to pages in the User Experience.

You can publish actions to dashboard as a button, to better integrate with your workflow.

Some actions can be combined to form a sequential process.

You can also use integrations, such as Anaplan Connect, to schedule actions and processes.

You must be a workspace administrator to set up an action. All model actions except imports and exports are set up in the Actions pane, from the New Action menu.

Workspace administrators can also create imports and exports. When you set up an import or export it's then saved as an action in the Actions pane. This enables the import or export action to be repeated.

To help users identify an action, apply best practice name conventions when you set the action up. If the action takes users from one dashboard to another, it's helpful to include the source and the destination location in the name.

Note: Some actions must be published to a dashboard before you can run them. Others can also be configured to open another dashboard when run. It's helpful to create any dashboards you need before you set up the action.

Workspace administrators can run model actions from the Actions pane, except for those that need to be published to a dashboard.

If you're not a workspace administrator, you can run model actions published to a dashboard or added to a page in the User Experience.

To enable users to run actions in a in a specified order, create a process and add model actions to the process.

You can then publish the process to a dashboard or add it to an action card in the User Experience. This enables the process to be run by non-workspace administrators.

Workspace administrators can also run processes from the Actions pane like other actions.

When you create actions, it's useful to think about who you want to run them and what parts of Anaplan they can access. For example, users who are not workspace administrators can only access dashboards within a model, and you might prefer to keep their workflow in the User Experience.

Page builders can add imports and exports directly to action cards in the User Experience, along with various page actions. Other actions can be run in the User Experience, but you must add them to a process first. 

This table displays the model actions that you can add to processes, and those that you must be a workspace administrator to run. 

ActionCan be added to a processFor workspace administrators only
Imports and exportsYesIf the default file is set to Admins Only.
Delete from list using selectionYesNo
Order listYesNo
Open dashboardNoNo
Delete branchNoNo
Assign and Assign onlyNoNo
Update current periodYesYes
Copy branchNoNo
Bulk copyYesYes, unless enabled for all users.

Note: To use Optimizer actions you must have an Enterprise subscription, and Optimizer must be enabled in your tenant. You can only run Optimizer as part of a process.

Actions help you keep order in your model, and so do numbered lists. You can manage and maintain numbered lists with Create, Delete branch, Copy branch, Assign, and Assign only.