You can run a delete branch action to delete a branch of a list hierarchy that descends from a numbered list. If the action is configured for a flat list, you can also use it to delete items you select from that list.

A workspace administrator must set up the Delete branch action and publish it to a dashboard as a button before you can run it. They must also publish to the same dashboard a list that enables you to select the items to delete. This can be the numbered list from which the action deletes branches, or a child list of that list. This enables you to select one or more parent items of the branch or branches you want to delete, or individual items without children.

When the action is set up, the workspace administrator determines whether it deletes:

  • the item or items you select, all their descendants, and their associated data
  • only the item or items you select, their immediate children, and their associated data 

Note: You can also only use Delete branch to delete items for which you have selective write access. If you try to run an action, and you lack write access to the selected items, the action does not delete them.

To run a delete branch action:

  1. Navigate to the dashboard that contains the Delete Branch action.
  2. Select one or more parent items of the branch you want to delete.
    To select multiple items, either:
    • Select one item, hold down Shift, then select another item and release Shift.
      The two items and all items between them are selected.
    • Select one item, hold down Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac), and select as many other items as you want, then release Ctrl or Command.
      All items you select are selected, and only those items.
  3. Select the Delete branch action button.
    The workspace administrator who creates the action can choose text for the button label that suits your use case. The label name should follow best practice name conventions to help you identify it.
  4. Select OK.