Page builders add action cards to pages to enable you to run actions configured in the source model. The actions you can run through action cards are: imports, exports, processes, data write, forms, and notifications.

A sales forecasting board. To the right of the page in an action card. It contains four buttons corresponding to four separate actions: assign sales reps, submit forecast, add a new product, and import sales data.

The page builder can configure an action to display the steps and summary of a model action.

Note: You can change the message body of a notification, up to 300 characters.

To run an action on an action card:

  1. On a page, select an action.
  2. The steps to run the action depend on what type of action you run: import action, export action, process, data write action, forecast action, form action, assign action, or notification action.
    Note: Import and process actions might ask you to upload files.
  3. Once you run the action, any relevant changes are visible on the page.

Note: Import actions in the user experience behave differently from the modeling experience. In this case, the import:

  • is always private.
  • data source does not save to the model.
    This means that every time you run an import it will ask you to pick a file and upload again.
  • does not replace or alter any imports set up in the model.