Grid cards display data from a module within a grid.

If enabled by the page builder, you can change the dimensions displayed on a grid card, or edit its data.

If a page builder enables the ability to edit, you can edit and paste values in cells on a grid card.

A cell is editable when it displays as purple text on a white background. Read-only cells contain dark text on a gray background. You can undo the most recent change you made to a value.

Due to synchronization,  the dimensions on other cards on the page update to display data related to what you select on a grid card.

Context selectors, if enabled by the page builder, display on the bottom of a grid card. Use context selectors to display different values for a grid card's dimensions, and in turn change the values that display in the grid. For example, you could change the context selector for the time dimension to display all values for a specific time, such as Q1.

If enabled by your page builder, you can pivot a grid card to select the displayed dimensions. Your selection is remembered in your browser, until you reset the pivot to the default for the card.

Drill down into a cell on a grid card to see how the value of the cell is calculated. You can also sort to find the largest or smallest values immediately.

You can copy and paste cells and blocks of cells. Alternatively, you can copy your selection across or down to the edge of the grid.

Where your model builder enabled Breakback for cells, you can hold and release cells to protect them from breakback updates.

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