Once an import is set up, workspace administrators can run it again from the Actions pane in the model.

If the import was saved as a private file, only the person who created it can run the import from the Actions pane. If you don't access a private file for more than 48 hours, the file is removed.

If the import was saved as a default file, any workspace administrator with the requisite access can run the import or export from Actions .

Your model role must have Selective Access to the module, list, or line items into which you want to import data.

If you do not have dynamic cell access to some cells, you can still run the import, but those cells are ignored.

If you attempt to run an import for a private file that's been removed, or to which you do not have access, the import runs, but is unsuccessful. The Results Summary advises that the uploaded file is no longer available.

If you run an import for a saved view, the import only succeeds if the correct saved view exists in the source.

If the saved view for the import is deleted, the import can run if there's another view with the same name saved to the source. However, if there are multiple views with the same name, the import is unsuccessful. This applies even if the views with the same name are in other modules in the source model.

To run an import from the Actions pane:

  1. In the Actions tab of the Actions pane, select the import you want to run.
  2. Select Run from the toolbar at the top.
    A dialog asks you to confirm that you want to run the action.
  3. Select Run again.
    The Results Summary displays which items imported successfully and any that did not.
    You can open the Details tab for a detailed report or select Close to exit the dialog.