Once a workspace administrator has set up an import or export, it can be run again as an action.

You can repeat and automate import and export actions. This means you do not have to set up the import or export every time you want to run it.

Workspace administrators can run both import and export actions from the Actions  pane. 

To enable non-workspace administrators to run an import or export action, workspace administrators can:

Non-workspace administrators can also export data, or import new items to an existing list, from the Data menu on dashboard grids.

Any user can run import or export actions via the Anaplan Integrations API .

Note: If you choose not to save the export definition when you run an export, the export cannot be run again. Exports of dashboards also do not save as actions. You can run these from the Export button in the dashboard toolbar.

When a workspace administrator creates an import or export, they can determine whether the action is:

  • Private.
  • Shared with everyone.
  • Shared with workspace administrators only.

Private imports still display in the Actions pane, but can only be run by the user who set them up. Once set up, they expire if not accessed at least once every 48 hours. However, if a shared import exists with the same source and definition, data from the shared source imports when you run the action.

If you save an export as private, the export action can be run by other users, but the content of the file each user receives is determined by their own access settings. Only the user who runs the action can download the exported file.

Important: Export files shared with Everyone are available to all users in your Anaplan environment through the API. When a workspace administrator generates an export, the export ignores selective access. This means, if you do not limit access to administrators, non-workspace administrators could download data they cannot access in the model.

In order to run an import, your model role must have selective access to any lists or list items to which the import target applies. If you do not have dynamic cell access to some of the data in an import, those cells do not update, but the rest of the data imports.

Similarly, you must have access to the module, list, or line items from which you want to export data. If you do not have selective access or dynamic cell access to some of the data, any data you do not have access to is excluded from the export.

When you set up an import action, the data source and import settings are saved as an import data source in Import Data Sources tab of the Actions pane. Workspace administrators can edit the source or upload a new source file in this tab.

If the source has not expired, workspace administrators can remap the source data via the Imports tab of the Actions pane. Select the import you want to remap, then Edit . The Imports dialog opens and you can map the import as you would at set-up.