You can open one dashboard from another via an open dashboard action.

Your model role must have access to both the launch and target dashboards in order to run this action.

If your workspace administrator has set up the Open dashboard action to use a context list, you can choose a context for the dashboard to open in. That is, if a list acts as a page selector on the target dashboard, you can select an item from the list on the launch dashboard to set the context. When you run the Open dashboard action, the item you selected displays in the page selector and the dashboard data reflects the context of that item.

Your workspace administrator can also set up the action so that different dashboards open depending on the context you select.

However, you do not need to select a context when you run the action. If you do not select a context, the default dashboard opens in the context that was selected the last time the dashboard was accessed.

Note: Where an open dashboard action uses a context list, you must select only one item as the context. If you select more than one item, an Invalid Selection message displays. Select a single item and run the action again.

To run an open dashboard action:

  1. Open a dashboard that contains an open dashboard action.
  2. Hover over the Open dashboard action button.
    The workspace administrator who creates the action can choose text for the button label that suits your use case. The label name should follow best practice name conventions to help you identify it.
    A tooltip displays the target dashboard and any list that defines the context for the action.
  3. Optionally, select a single item from the context list.
    If the action opens different target dashboards relative to the context, and you select an item from a non-context list, the action tooltip states that no target dashboard is available. You can still run the action to open the default dashboard.
  4. Select the Open Dashboard action button.
    The target dashboard opens.