You can run an update current period action to update the current period with data from a Time period format line item.

You must be a workspace administrator to run an update current period action.

Your model role must have access to the module that contains the Time period format line item and to the line item itself.

As a workspace administrator, you can run the action from the Actions pane. If you want to run the action from a dashboard, a workspace administrator must publish the action to a dashboard for which you have access.

Note: The Update current period action can also be run as part of a process if the process is published to a dashboard, or added to an action card in the User Experience.

To run an update current period action:

  1. Navigate to either the Actions pane or to a dashboard that has the action button.
  2. In the Actions tab of the Actions pane, select the action and click Run. On a dashboard, click the action button.
    The workspace administrator who creates the action can choose text for the button label that suits your use case. The label name should follow best practice name conventions to help you identify it.
    A dialog asks you to confirm you want to update the Current period in the Model calendar.
  3. Click OK.
    The Current period updates.