As a workspace administrator, you can set up an Update current period action. This enables model builders to run an action that updates the current period of their model from a Time period format line item.

Before you can add an update current period action, you must create a systems module with a Time period format line item. The systems module can include other dimensions, but the line item must not have any dimensions applied to it.

Note: You must be workspace administrator to set up an update current period action.

To set up and update current period action:

  1. In the   Actions pane of the spoke model, select New Action from the toolbar.
    The New Action menu displays.
  2. Select Update Current Period from the menu.
    The Update Current Period dialog displays.
  3. Enter a name for the action in the Action Name field.
    Follow best practice naming conventions to ensure the action is easy to identify.
  4. Select the line item by which the action should update the current period from the Select line item dropdown.
    Only line items with the Time Period format display in the list for you to select.
  5. Click OK.
    The new action displays under Other Actions.

You can now run the Update current period action from the Actions pane or publish the action to a dashboard so you can run it from there. You can also add the action to a process, which you can publish to a dashboard or add to a page in the User Experience.