You can apply a schedule to a forecast action so it runs automatically. Apply one schedule to each forecast action. 

Ensure you've created a forecast action. Then in the right panel, select the Schedule tab.

To schedule a forecast action:

  1. Select Create schedule.
  2. Enter a Schedule name.
  3. Select the Time zone that applies to your location.
  4. Select the Trigger frequency, which is how often you what the forecast to run.
  5. Select how often you want to repeat the schedule from the Repeat every dropdown.
  6. Enter or select a start and end time from the Execute fields. 
  7. For monthly forecasts: select which date of the month you want the schedule to run.
    For weekly forecasts: select which day of the week you want the schedule to run in Weekdays.
  8. Select what date you want to activate the schedule and when you want to deactivate the schedule from the Start date and End date fields. 
  9. Select Create to create the schedule.
    The schedule details display in the panel. Select the ellipsis to edit, deactivate, or delete the schedule.