When you run a forecast action, the details are stored in the activity section in the right pane. You can view the history and details of previous forecast runs here.

Run a forecast action before you begin. 

To view a history of a forecast action run:

  1. In Forecast actions, select the forecast action listing.
    The Overview displays in the right pane.
  2. Select View activity at the bottom of the pane.
    The following details of the forecast action run display: 
    • Status
      Did the run complete or not. If the status is Completed with failures then you can find out what the errors are. 
    • Status description
      The run status of the forecast action. For example, Ready (it's ready to run again), Queued (It's about to run), Failed (it could not run).  
    • Last run
      When the forecast action was last run
    • Duration
      How much time the run took 
    • Run by
      Who ran the forecast action 
  3. To find out about the errors for a run that was completed with failures, select the ellipsis ... to the right of the run listing.
  4. Select Details.
    The breakdown of how many predictions for P1, P2, and P3 that were imported into your forecast results module, displays. The breakdown identifies what caused the failures in the forecast run.
    You can see the number of predicted items that were: 
    • Updated
    • Ignored
      These could be items with excluded values 
    • Rejected
      These are items that are incompatible for this forecast action configuration
    • Unsuccessful
      These are items for which PlanIQ was unable to generate a forecast 
  5. In the event your forecast action had errors, select Download error log.
    You can get details of any partial failures or failures within the log. The logs are available for 24 hours.