Use the forecast action to import the forecast results to a module so you can view the predictions. 

Have a module ready in Anaplan UX that can store your forecast results. You can use the New Modeling Experience to create the module. Follow the procedures in Prepare your data to create the forecast results module and configure its import action.

When you create your forecast action, you can select the module and the import action. Then, once the forecast action generates the predictions, the results automatically import into the module. 

The forecast results module is essential as it lets you use the forecast in your business planning process. This module also helps you use visualizations to analyze your predictions. 

For example:  

  • You can use the module to create a board, worksheet, or report page in the UX. 
  • You can create graphs and charts from the predictions to identify data patterns.

To view your forecast results, open the forecast results module to see the predictions for your forecast horizon. 

If you configured your import action to include seasonality and trend analysis, the data shows here. 

As seasonality and trend data analyzes your historic actuals to identify patterns, it's always backwards looking.