As soon as you run a forecast action, PlanIQ gets to work. A data export is performed to generate predictions, which are then imported into your forecast results module. 

When the forecast action runs, an export is made from the source model. 

Wait until the export completes to make any other changes to the source modules.
This only takes a few minutes. A message displays to tell you the export is complete. 

PlanIQ processes the exported data, and then runs the predictions. 

You can make changes to the source modules while PlanIQ processes the data.
These changes do not affect the data processing or the current forecast.

If you want to include these new changes in your forecast, run the forecast action again. 

Next, the predictions from the run import into the forecast results module

To make changes to the forecast results module, wait until the import finishes.
The import only takes a few minutes to complete. A message displays to tell you the import has finished.