1. Administration and security
  2. Centralized Identity Management

With Centralized Identity Management, you can manage and provision the users in your Anaplan tenant. 

Centralized Identity Management introduces the user administrator, a user who is assigned the User Admin role.  With the User Admin role, you can enforce the separation of duties in your tenant. You can: 

  • Assign and unassign users from workspaces 
  • create, update, enable, and disable user accounts. 

Note: The ability to assign and unassign users from workspaces is currently associated with both the User Admin and the Workspace Admin role.  In a future release of Centralized Identity Management, these abilities will no longer be associated with workspace administrators and instead be associated with user administrators. 

If you're assigned the User Admin role, you can access the functions of Centralized Identity Management through the Administration console. 

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