Each company (or autonomous workgroup) has its own workspace.

A workspace has its own set of users and may contain any number of models:

  • A workspace stores all models that belong to your company or department.
  • To set up the plan for the whole company, use the company name for your workspace.
  • Just your department or area? Add the name of your department, such as Widget Production Inc. - US Sales

Your workspace role is either administrator or user. The administrator is often the person who registered for Anaplan. They can assign someone else the role.

The model settings bar is only visible to workspace administrators and is where you'll spend most of your time. You can configure models, manage users and roles.

Each model has a size of storage on the Anaplan server.

To view your model size:

  1. In the model, select the question mark at the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select About. The model size displays along with other model details.

You can also hover over Model info in the model settings bar. The cell count and model size in bytes displays.

To view the model size in Anaplan Classic, double-click the size in the Model Settings tab. The display changes between the number of cells and the size in bytes.

Each workspace has a size of storage on the Anaplan server.

Workspace size is the sum of the sizes of all non-archived models in the workspace and is shown in the Model Management dialog.

To reduce the size of your workspace, you can copy or archive models that aren't used. You can restore archived models to unlock them so that your users can access them. If you really don't need your archived models, you can delete them.

Each workspace has an allowance that's monitored by Anaplan. Your workspace allowance is tied to your monthly subscription.


  • A tenant is a client account within the Anaplan platform. It contains client workspaces and authorized users. 
  • If you're both a workspace administrator and a tenant administrator, you can view your workspace regional data center from Administration.

There are many different aspects to manage workspace size:

  • Make sure that all active models are needed. If a model isn't used, it should be archived. Archived models don't count toward the workspace size.
  • Use smaller data sets for production and test models to limit the size.
  • Make sure that models are optimized for size. See Manage Model Size.
  • Limit the number of versions defined.
  • Limit the number of years defined, as well as the granularity of time.

If a large model exceeds your core workspace allowance, you can:

  • Split the model up into logical groups across several workspaces.
  • Change the standard calculation policy to a virtualized data set. This is only appropriate for a limited number of use cases. For further information and to discuss your model's suitability for this approach, contact Anaplan Support.
  • Anaplan models can be as large as 130 gigabytes. If you require a larger model size, up to 720 gigabytes, reach out to your Anaplan account team for more information about HyperModels.

Each list item has an index. The maximum value for a list item index is 999,999,999. The Next item index represents the index of the next new item. Subsequent imports can fail if your organization works with large amounts of data and the maximum value is reached. Previously, you had to contact Anaplan Support to reset the Next item index. 

You can reset the Next item index if:

  • You're a workspace administrator.
  • The list item index of the selected list is between 899,999,999 and 999,999,999.
  • The selected list doesn't contain any items.

and either:

To reset the next item index of a list:

  1. Go to General Lists .
  2. Select and open the list for which you want to reset the entity index.
  3. Select the Configure tab.
  4. Select Reset.

You can restore the model history to undo this change.

Also see Designate workspace administrators.