Model builders can save different data views from modules to analyse data from other perspectives. 

For example, you might want to save a view that shows data for a specific country in the Countries list on pages.

The Table of contents display the views you have access to. Each view appears under the module it originates from.

Manage your views in Modules in the model settings bar. In a module, select View > Manage Views to manage views on a module-by-module basis. 

In the Manage Views dialog, you can open, rename, reorder, and delete views. Use Reset Default View to revert a view to its original format.

For example, you might change the position of line items from rows to columns, then save the view as the module's default. If you want to revert your changes, select Reset Default View.

Warning: You cannot access line items that are not included in a new default view. To make a line item visible again, select View > Manage Views, then select Reset Default View.


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