Model builders can configure modules in a model. For example, you can categorize modules in functional areas, specify time scales, and apply versions.

Create any modules you might need in Modules in the model settings bar.

To configure a module:

  1. Select Modules in the model settings bar.
  2. Select the module you want to configure.

Refer to the table below for a description of each column in Modules .

Column nameDescription
Functional AreaAssign the module to a functional area. Use functional areas to categorize modules in your model.
Applies ToAssign lists, the Users list, list subsets, or line item subsets to the module.
Time Scale

Assign a time scale to the module.

If you assign a time scale to a module that does not include Time as a dimension, Time is automatically added to the module.

If you change the time scale for a module, the time scale for the line items in the module do not change.

If you select Not Applicable, time-dependent data is not shown. However, you can open subsidiary views for line items that include the Time dimension.

Time RangeAssign a time range to the module. Time ranges restrict the range of time periods in which you can enter or display data.
VersionsAssign all or no versions to the module.
BreakbackSet the default Breakback setting for new line items in the module.
Users ListIf the module contains the Users list, specify if the full contents of the list is visible to workspace administrators.
Cell Count

Shows the number of cells in the module.

Cell count is determined by factors such as time scale, number of versions, number of list items, and summary levels for lists.

NotesShows any notes associated with the module.
Read Access DriverControl read access to cell data with access drivers. Access drivers are line items with a Boolean data type. 
Write Access DriverControl write access to cell data with access drivers. Access drivers are line items with a Boolean data type.
Data TagsAssign data tags to group related information in the module.
Managed ByNot available.
Referenced By

Shows whether the module is referenced by another module or line item.

If a line item originates from another module, the format of the reference is module name.line item name.

Used in DashboardsShows the dashboards that include the module.
Line ItemsShows the line items in the module.


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