Workspace administrators can configure how the data in a module displays to enable users to focus on the most relevant data.

They can then save this as a view, so the changes do not have to be reapplied when you open the module.

Saved views preserve changes to how data displays, not changes to the data, calculations, or Blueprint settings of a module. For example, you can save a view if you:

  • Pivot module dimensions.
  • Filter data.
  • Apply conditional formatting.
  • Show or hide columns or rows.
  • Change column widths.

You can save a default view as the view every user sees when they first open the module. You can also save additional views that users can select that present data from a specific perspective.

For example, one user might need to see all the columns in a module so they can enter data. Another user might only need to see the summaries. You can leave the default view to display the full grid for the first user and save a view that only shows summary columns for the second user.

You can open the saved view you have access to from model Contents . Within a model, select View > Open and then the view you want to open. 

Workspace administrators can select View > Manage Views within a module to open, rename, reorder, and delete views. They can also select Reset Default View to revert a view to its original format.