Model builders create modules for specific business purposes, such as margin calculation, employee expenses, and profit and loss reports. Module names should be unique and easily identifiable.

Identify the dimensions you need for the module, then think about the line items you want to include. You can make changes after you create a module.

To create a module:

  1. Select Modules in the model settings bar.
  2. Select Insert Module.
  3. Type the module name.
    Note: If you want to later rename your module, double-click the module name in Modules , then type the new name.
  4. Decide if you want to include Time in the module. Columns includes Time by default, but you do not require it. For example, some modules only hold product or regional details.
    • If you do not want to include Time, drag it into Lists and Roll-ups.
    • You can also drag Time on Rows or Pages if you want to change the default position. 
  5. Decide if you want to place line items on Rows (default), Columns, or Pages. If you want to reposition line items, drag the Line Items box to the Columns or Pages area.
  6. Type the line items in the Line Items box, with each line item on a new line. You can add new line items later. 
  7. Drag the lists, list subsets, and line item subsets that you want to include from Lists and Roll-ups, and drop them in Pages, Columns, or Rows.
    • If you only want to see one list item in a list, drag the list to Pages. For example, you might want to view data for only one product or country.
    • You can have multiple dimensions on rows, columns, and pages. If you want to include more than one dimension on a row or column, you can nest them on a maximum of three levels.

Next, you can configure the module.

Note: If you want to delete a module, select Delete in Modules , then select the module you want to delete.