1. Import and export data
  2. Import Data into Models
  3. Import data into modules from a file

You can import data into a module from a file. The file can be in TXT or CSV format.

You can also import module data from another model.

You must be in Grid view for the module into which you want to import to follow this procedure. You can import line items in Blueprint view, but not other module data.

To import into a module:

  1. In the Data menu, select Import.
  2. Select Upload New File and browse for the file that contains the source data, or select a previous upload and then Edit.
    The File Options dialog displays, with a preview of the file data.
    Anaplan automatically detects your file options, but you should confirm these are correct.
  3. Check the file options and optionally:
    • Select a different type of text encoding from the Text encoding dropdown.
    • Select a different type of column separator from the Column Separators checkboxes.
      You can select multiple types of column separator. You can also select Other and enter a different column separator if you want to specify something other than a Tab, Comma, or Semicolon.
    • Select double quotation marks ("), single quotation marks ('), or None from the Text Delimiter dropdown.
    • Select Dot or Comma from the Decimal Separator dropdown.
    • In the Header Row field, select the number of the row that contains the column labels.
    • In the First Data Row field, select the number of the row that contains the first row of data.
    • If you uploaded the file you can choose whether to set the file as the default file or keep it as a private file. If the import will be run as part of a process, we recommend you set a default file for Admins Only.
  4. Select Next.
  5. Select the items in the Source dropdowns that you want to map to items in the target module.
    For a single column import, select a column under Source and then select a column for the Data values from dropdown.
  6. Map source data to target items in the target list tabs.
    You can choose to ignore some items or ignore all unmapped items.
  7. Select Run Import.
    A progress dialog displays as the import runs.

When the import completes, an Import Completed dialog displays which items imported successfully and any that did not. You can open the Details tab for a detailed report or select Close to exit the dialog. 

Note: Import never overwrites formulas, so subtotals and formulas display as ignored.


We may update our documentation occasionally, but will only do so in a way that does not negatively affect the features and functionality of the Anaplan service.