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  4. New Read/Write Connection to a module

Create a new read/write connection between Excel and an Anaplan module. 

Import Anaplan data into Excel where you can perform your data analysis. Use a read/write connection to make changes to your data in Excel and save them to the Anaplan model. 

You must be signed into the Add-in.

Before you begin, select a starting cell in the Excel worksheet to import your Anaplan data.

To create a new read/write connection to a module:

  1. Click New.
    A drop-down list displays.
Click New to create a connection.
  1. Select New Read/Write connection.
    The New Connection dialog displays.
    Note: The number of the starting cell displays in the top right of the dialog. The data inserts here.
  2. Complete the dialog entries:
Use the New Connection dialog to connect to an Anaplan module or saved view.
    • Use the dropdown to Select a customer.
    • Use the dropdown to Select a workspace.
    • Use the dropdown to Select a model.  
    • Use the dropdown to Select a module or view.
      Tip: Use the search fields to find a model, module or saved view.
  1. Click Next.
    The Pivot and Filter dialog displays. You can rearrange and filter the dimensions here.
  2. Option 1: Toggle right the Multi-Sheet Connection button.
    Option 2: Toggle right the Sync Sheets button.
  3. Click Finish.
    The Creating connection dialog displays, and Anaplan data is loaded into the Excel worksheet.  
    You can now overwrite and analyze the data in Excel.

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