1. Modeling
  2. Build Models
  3. Actions
  4. Assign and Assign Only
  5. Assign Items with Assign or Assign Only Action

You can assign list items to a parent with the Assign and Assign Only actions. With the Assign action, you can also unassign items from a parent and reassign them to a different parent. Assign Only only enables you to assign actions.

A workspace administrator must create the Assign or Assign Only action and add it to a dashboard as a button before you can use it.

If the list items have assigned properties, you can filter the items in the Assign wizard. This is useful for very long lists of items to assign. Your workspace administrator must assign properties to list items.

Note: You must have write-access to the numbered list to which you want to assign items. You must also have write access to the numbered list’s parent. Contact your workspace administrator if you need to add items to a list to which you do not have access.

To assign list items to parents with an Assign or Assign Only action:

  1. On the dashboard, select the item you want to assign list items to.
A dashboard that has an Assign Sales Reps button, a Country accounts grid, and an Assign grid. The Country list item China is selected in the Country accounts grid.
  1. Click the Assign or Assign Only action button.
    The Assign or Assign Only wizard displays.
    List items that are available to select display on the left.
    A field for assigned items displays on the right.
    Two arrows display between the fields, one that points right and one that points left.
    In the Assign Only wizard, items that have already been assigned do not display.
    In the Assign wizard, a filter or filters in the top left enable you to refine the list of items that display.
    The Filter by ancestor drop-down always displays at the top left. Where the list has a parent hierarchy, you can select a parent (ancestor) by which to refine the list of items that display.
    If your workspace administrator has configured other filters for you, these display beneath Filter by ancestor.
    A Search field displays beneath the filters so you can refine the list of items by keyword. 
The Assign Sales Rep dialog displays, with China in the header.
  1. Select the items to assign.
    In the Assign Only wizard, where the list items have codes, you can also use Paste Codes to select Items  to assign.
  2. Click the arrow that points right to designate selected items for assignment.
    The item or items move from the left-hand field to the right-hand field.
  3. Optionally, for Assign actions, select an item or items you want to unassign and click the arrow that points left.
    In Assign Only you can use the left arrow to deselect items you select in the wizard. This does not unassign items assigned before you opened the wizard.
  4. The item or items return to the left-hand field of unassigned items.
  5. Click OK.
  6. The items are assigned.