You can assign list items to a parent with the Assign and Assign only actions. With the Assign action, you can also unassign items from a parent and reassign them to a different parent. With Assign only, you can only assign items.

A workspace administrator must set up the Assign or Assign only action and publish it to a dashboard as a button before you can use it. They must also publish the list that the action assigns items to on the same dashboard.

Note: You must have write-access to the numbered list to which you want to assign items. You must also have write access to the numbered list’s parent. Contact your workspace administrator if you need to add items to a list to which you do not have access.

If the list of items to assign is very long, it's useful to filter by list item properties. Your workspace administrator must create filter properties when they set up the Assign action. The option to filter by property is only available for the Assign action, and not for Assign only.

A dropdown list to Filter by ancestor always displays. Where the list has a parent hierarchy, you can select a parent (ancestor) to refine the list of items to only those with that parent. 

A Search field displays beneath the filters so you can refine the list of items by keyword. 

Note: When you launch the Assign wizard, items that are already assigned display on the right.
In the Assign only wizard, items that have already been assigned do not display. This ensures you cannot unassign previously approved items.

To assign list items to parents with an Assign or Assign only action:

  1. On the dashboard, select the item you want to assign list items to.
  2. Select the Assign or Assign only action button.
    The workspace administrator who creates the action can choose text for the button label that suits your use case. The label name should follow best practice name conventions to help you identify it.
  3. In the left-hand side of the Assign or Assign only wizard, select the items to you want to assign.
    In the Assign only wizard, where the list items have codes, you can also use Paste codes to select items to assign.
  4. Select the right arrow to move items from the left-hand unassigned field to the right-hand assigned field.
  5. Optionally, select an item or items you want to unassign and select the left arrow .
    In the Assign wizard, you can unassign items that were already assigned when you launched the wizard.
    In Assign only you can move items back to the left-hand unassigned field that you selected for assignment in this instance of the wizard.
  6. Once the items you want to assign are in the right-hand field, select OK.
    The items are assigned.