1. Extensions
  2. Google Sheets Add-on
  3. Connect a Google worksheet to an Anaplan module

Create a read-only or read-write connection to link data from an Anaplan module to a Google worksheet.

When you create a connection, any data the worksheet contains is hosted on Google Cloud Platform. As a result, data in your connections may be located in a different jurisdiction to your Anaplan data.

Each worksheet can contain a single connection to a saved view.  However, you can create multiple connections to a single saved view across multiple worksheets.

Model builders create saved views in Anaplan. You can connect to the default view or a saved view.

Read-only and read-write connections

When you create a new connection, you can choose to create either a read-only connection or a read-write connection.

Read-only connections enable you to work with your Anaplan data in Google Sheets. However, when you make changes to a read-only connection, it does not update the data in your Anaplan module. You can refresh your connection to update your worksheet with the latest Anaplan data at any time.

Read-write connections enable you to use Send and refresh to update an Anaplan module with changes made in Google Sheets. You can still refresh your data to get the latest Anaplan values.

Connection owners

You can only use the add-on in a spreadsheet if you're the connection owner for that spreadsheet. If you are not the connection owner, the add-on features are grayed out, and a message displays the name of the connection owner in the sidebar. If you need to perform these actions on a worksheet but are not the connection owner, ask them to perform them for you. Alternatively, create a new connection that contains the same data.

Clone a connection

If you are the connection owner, you can also clone a connection. This creates a copy of your connection in a new worksheet. You can edit the worksheet of a cloned connection with no impact upon the original connection. Cloned connections retain the same configuration and owner as the original connection.