1. Modeling
  2. Build Models
  3. Actions
  4. Processes
  5. Run a process from a dashboard

Any authorized user can run a process from a dashboard.

To run a process, you must have access to all actions in the process. If the process includes an import action, users can upload import files. If the same file is used for multiple imports, choose one file. The import actions must be set up using the same import file.

  1. On the dashboard, click the process button.
  2. If the process includes import actions, choose the import files.
  3. Click Run.
    If the process completes successfully, a confirmation displays. If there's a problem, a Process Failed message appears.
  4. To view the results summary, click View Details.
    Workspace administrators always see the Results Summary.
    Processes that include an import action stop if the import fails to prevent data loss.