Any user with the relevant access permissions can run a process from a dashboard. Workspace administrators can run processes from the Actions pane.

To run a process, your model role must have access to all the data the actions in the process references.

If the process includes an import action, you must have the import file or files ready to upload. If multiple import actions are set up to use the same file as a source, you only need to upload one file for each set of import actions that share a file.

To run a process:

  1. Go to either the Actions  pane or to a dashboard that has the process button.
  2. In the Actions tab of the Actions pane, select the process and then Run. On a dashboard, select the process button.
    The workspace administrator who creates the process can choose text for the button label that suits your use case. The label name should follow best practice name conventions to help you identify it.
  3. If the process includes import actions, choose the import files.
  4. Select Run.
    If the process is configured to include a results summary, this displays. Otherwise, a confirmation displays and you can select View Details to view the Results Summary.
    Workspace administrators always see the Results Summary.
    If there's a problem, a Process Failed message displays.