By default, numeric KPIs display as exact number values. You can add a number scale to a KPI card to display the value in thousands (K) or millions (M).

KPIs with a number scale of Thousands or Millions round to two decimal places. For example, a value of 1,555,005 displays as:

  • 1,555,005 if you select None as the number scale format
  • 1,555.01K if you select Thousands
  • 1.56M if you select Millions

You can only add a number scale to KPI cards with a numeric value.

To add a number scale to a KPI card:

  1. In Worksheet designer, open the Card configuration panel.
    The Card configuration panel displays automatically when you add a KPI card or edit the card.
  2. At the bottom of the Card configuration panel, click into the Number scale field.
    The Number scale drop-down menu displays with the options.
  3. Select None, Thousands, or Millions from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Publish.