Use a KPI card to display the value of a line item in a module. Alternatively, you can choose to display the top-left cell of a view. With a view, you can use filters or show a selection to determine the line item. KPI cards are useful if you want to emphasize the value of an important cell.

If you want a sparkline on your KPI card, then select a line item as the data source.

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To configure your card:

  1. Select Configure on a new card, or hover over your card and select Edit .
  2. Select a Line item or View as the Data source type.
  3. If you selected Line item, choose a Module and Line item.
    Your card displays the line item value.
  4. If you selected View:
    1. Choose Custom views, and design a view; or choose Module views, a module, and a view.
    2. Select Update.
      The card preview displays the value from the top-left cell of your chosen view.
  5. On the Overview tab of the Card configuration panel, you can:
    • Enter a Title and Description for your card. 
    • Choose a Title color.
    • Link the card's title to a page from the Link to a page dropdown.
    • Choose a Text style and Text colour.
    • Add a Number scale.
    • Choose a Padding style to increase or decrease white space. 
  6. On the KPI tab, you can configure Conditional formatting and add a Sparkline to your card. 
  7. On the Context tab, you can configure context selectors.