You can drill down on any data point on a chart that contains a formula or summary. This enables you to see the breakdown of any value.

Use drill down to analyze cell values or data points. For example, you can drill down to:

  • Explore the values that make up a consolidated sales figure.
  • Investigate an expense line in an income statement, all the way down to the general ledger codes.
  • Examine a breakdown of employees by individual cost centers to understand consolidated staff costs.

You can drill down on area, bar, column, combination, dot, and line charts.

To drill down on a chart, hover your pointer over any data point, then right-click and select Drill down. This displays the drill down right-hand panel and a list of any formulas or summaries used.

If the datapoint is generated by a formula, the Drill down panel displays:

  • A Formula section that contains displays the cell location, and the formula, with syntax highlighting. The cell location displays in the structure: Module name.Line item name. For example, Payroll Data.Salary. The formula displays below the cell location.
  • Formula values section that displays the cells and cell values the formula references.

If a summary generates the value, the Summary values section displays the cells and cell values that the summary references. The name of the module that contains the values displays above the cells and cell values.

If the formula references values from more than one module, a separate grid displays for each module referenced. Where a context selector applies to the values, the selected context for the module displays below the values in each grid.

You can also expand the drill down right-hand panel using the  icon on the upper right.

From the drill down right-hand panel select the   icon at the top. The drill down expands into the main board area. You can then close or even maximize the drill down to full screen.