As a workspace administrator, you can delete unneeded actions. This includes processes, imports, exports, and all other actions.

Only workspace administrators can delete actions.

You can recreate an action later if you want to use it again.

To delete an action:

  1. In the Actions tab of the Actions pane, select the action or actions you want to delete.
    You can select anywhere in the row for the line item or items you want to select. To select:
    • Multiple contiguous line items, select one, then hold down shift and select another. This selects those line items and all the line items in between.
    • Multiple noncontiguous line items, select one, then hold down Ctrl (on a PC) or Command (on a Mac). Each additional line item you select adds to the selection until you release Ctrl or Command.
  2. Select Delete from the toolbar at the top.
    The Delete from Actions dialog displays, with actions available to select on the left and actions to deletion on the right.
    The actions available to select depend on the type of action selected for deletion. If you selected:
    • A process, all processes display on the left, so you can select more to delete.
    • An import or export, only the items you selected display on the left.
    • An action from the Other Actions section, all other actions in that section display on the left. 
  3. Optionally, change the action or actions selected for deletion:
    • Select any action on the left to move it to the Items to delete field on the right.
    • Select Keep next to any item you selected to remove it from Items to delete.
    • Select the Delete All button to select all items that display on the left and move them to the Items to delete field on the right.
    • Select Keep All to remove all items from the Items to delete field.
  4. Select OK.
    All actions in the Items to delete field delete from the model.