You can use the Delete from list using selection action to delete items from a very large list more quickly.

Workspace administrators can delete items from lists in the Tree View and Grid View of each individual list. However, for long lists, it may be easier to set up a Delete from list using selection action.

You can select the items to delete in the control module, or set up a formula to select items based on criteria. When you run the action, it deletes items from the list based on your selections in the control module.

Workspace administrators can run the Delete from list using selection action from the Actions pane, or publish it to a dashboard.

If you publish the action to a dashboard, this enables non-workspace administrators to use the action button to delete items chosen for deletion in the control module. If you only publish the button, then a workspace administrator with access to the module must choose which items to delete, but a non-workspace administrator can still run the action.

If you publish a view of the control module to the same dashboard, non-workspace administrators can choose which items to delete before they run the action. Note that non-workspace administrators can only use checkboxes to select items to delete, they cannot enter a formula. If the line item has a formula, this disables the checkboxes.

A control module for a delete from list using selection action has as its rows and columns:

  • The list you want to amend
  • A single Boolean-formatted Delete line item

You select items for the action to delete by checking or unchecking the checkbox next to each list item.

You can create a line item formula for use with a control module that selects items for deletion automatically. For example, if you add the formula RIGHT(NAME(ITEM(Products)), 2) = "as" to the Boolean-formatted line item in your control module, the formula selects the checkbox next to each list item that has as for rightmost letters of its name.