Once a model's associated with a page, workspace administrators can edit the association. 

All pages display data from a single source model. But a workspace administrator with a Professional or Enterprise subscription can enable multiple models for a page and associate additional models with that page.

You can then switch the source of a page between associated models. If you're a workspace administrator, you can also edit an individual association to change the association's workspace and model.

You must have workspace administrator access to the model for which you want to edit the association. 

To edit a model's association with a page:

  1. Navigate to Page settings > Source model.
    A list of the models that you have access to and that are associated with the page displays.
    The row for each association displays the current workspace and model for that association.
    Associated models for which you lack access permission do not display.
    A message at the top of the tab displays the number of models to which you lack access that are associated with the page.
    A pencil icon displays at the right-hand end of the row for each model association where you are a workspace administrator for the model.
  2. Click the pencil icon.
    The drop-down menus replace the name of the workspace and model for that association.
    The current workspace for the association displays as selected in the drop-down list in the Workspace column.
    The current model for the association displays as selected in the drop-down list under the Model column.
  3. Select the new workspace from the Workspace drop-down list.
  4. Select the new model from the Model drop-down list.
  5. Click Apply.
    The association updates to reflect your selections.

The Page settings dialog remains open after you apply the change so you can adjust other settings as needed. To close the dialog, click Close.