If you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription, you can switch between source models associated with a page. 

Each page can only display data from one source model at a time. But a workspace administrator with a Professional or Enterprise subscription can enable multiple models for a page. You can then associate additional models with that page, so that a single page can support Application Lifecycle Management workflows. 

Once more than one model to which you have access is associated with a page, the models display in the Switch source model drop-down list. The Switch source models drop-down list displays in the toolbar of the published page, as well as in designer mode and preview.

When the drop-down list is closed, the current source model displays as selected in the field, marked with a cube icon. You can open the drop-down list to switch between source models and display data from a different model.

Note: The Switch source models drop-down list only displays if you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription. Page builders without Professional or Enterprise entitlement can still change the source model via Page settings.

The first time you visit a page, the page displays data from the model to which you have access that is first alphabetically. If you leave the page and return, the source defaults to model selected when you last visited the page. 

Be aware: If a workspace administrator unassociates the currently selected source model, the page switches to display data from the first model in the list alphabetically the next time you interact with it. If you do not have access to any other models associated with the page, a message notifies you that the page cannot be found.

To switch source models on a published page, in designer mode, or in preview:

  1. Click the Switch source models drop-down list in the toolbar.
    A drop-down list of the models you have access to that are associated with the page displays.
  2. Select the model you want to be the source model for the page.
    The draft page or preview updates with data from the source model you selected.