1. Extensions
  2. Excel Add-in Series 4
  3. Connections
  4. Remap

Remap a connection that you previously created in a different environment.

Remap is an advanced function as you must match dimension structures carefully. You remap your connection when the original connection settings have changed. Remap a connection when you:

  • Copy a model
  • Archive a model 

To remap a connection:

  1. Select Remap from the ribbon menu.
    The Remap Connection dialog displays.
Remap on ribbon and dialog.
  1. Complete the dialog entries:
    • Use the dropdown to Select a customer.
    • Use the dropdown to Select a workspace.
    • Use the dropdown to Select a model.
    • Use the dropdown to Select a module or view. 
      Tip: Use the search field to find your model, module, or view.
  2. Click Remap.
    This applies your remap settings to the connection.

Note: To optimize your remap, do so from a module or saved view with a similar structure. Your spreadsheet will be overwritten with revised data.