As a workspace administrator, you can select the data encoding and format settings for an import source file in the File Options dialog. You can also choose whether to save the file as private or shared.

The File Options dialog displays if you choose to upload a new source or edit a source from the Select Source dialog in an import. You can also amend file options when you change the privacy level of an import or replace an import file.

Note: If the import file contains commas, select a Text Delimiter to ensure the mapping maintains its integrity.

You can configure these options:

Text EncodingThe character set used in the source file. By default, this is ISO-8859-1.
Column Separators

The characters that separate columns in the import file.

You can select: Tab, Comma, Semicolon, or Other (specify the character to use).

Text Delimiter

The character the file uses to indicate the start and end of text entries.

You can select: None, " (double-quote), or ' (single-quote).

Decimal SeparatorThe character that acts as a decimal separator. You can select: Dot or Comma.
Header RowThe number of header rows in the source file. If there are no header rows, set this value to 0 (zero).
First Data RowThe first row in the source file that contains data.
Share with

A dropdown that enables you to set the privacy level for an import. You can choose to share your import with:

  • Just me (keep private)
  • Administrators
  • Everyone

You can also use this field to change the privacy level of a shared file between Administrators and Everyone.

One you've configured your file options, select Next to map the import.