Workspace administrators can add users and user attributes to a workspace by import from within the model. 

Note that you can manage user access to workspaces in three ways:

  • A user administrator can create users and assign them to, or unassign them from, a workspace in the Administration console.
  • A workspace administrator can add or remove users from the Users pane in a model.
  • A workspace administrator can import a list of users to add users and update user details.

If a user administrator and workspace administrator input conflicting changes for a user, the most recent transaction determines the user account status. 

To avoid user status conflicts, we recommend that your organization use the user administrator role to provision user access. Workspace administrators can then refine model-level access from the Users pane within a model.

You can use a TXT of CSV file to import new and existing users to a workspace.

If a user already has an account, you can use an import to add them to a new workspace. The import must include their email address or their user ID to identify the user. 

To add a user who does not already have an account, the import must include the user's email address, first name, and last name.

New users receive a welcome email that invites them to log in and change their password.

Users import as non-workspace administrators. You can select the Workspace Administrator checkbox in the Users pane to enable workspace administrator access for a user.

Note: When you add a new user by import, they're added to other models within the workspace the next time those models are opened.

You can import user attributes when you add a user. These apply only to the model in which you do the import. You can also use imports to amend the details of users already in a workspace.

AttributeCan amend by import?Notes
Email addressNo

The email address with which the user logs into Anaplan.

Required when you import new users, or import an existing user without a user ID.

First nameNoRequired when you import new users.
Last nameNoRequired when you import new users.
Model roleYes

Before you import the model role attribute, confirm that the role exists on the Roles tab in the Users pane.

If you import a new user with a model role that does not exist in the model, the user imports with the default role, No Access.

Selective access permissionsYes

Enable selective access for the list or lists to which you want to assign read or write access.

The import file must display the access permissions in a comma-separated list. For example: Products Write, Products Read, Product None.

Note: The list name followed by None removes any current selective access a user has for the list.

Single Sign-onYesThe import file must include data that uses true or false to indicate whether the user logs in with Single Sign-on.
User IDNo

Required when you import a user that already exists without their email address.

A user ID is automatically generated each time you create a new user.