Install the PowerPoint Add-in so you can work with data from your Anaplan model in Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Before you install the add-in:

Note: Follow your company policy to select the right version to install. We recommend your company use the latest version to benefit from the latest functionalities. However, if your company is using a previous version, use that version. If you create or refresh a connection in a newer version of the add-in, it's not compatible with previous versions.

To install the add-in:

  1. Double-click the installer file or run it via command prompt
  2. Select Next
  3. Accept the terms in the end-user license agreement, then select Next. 
  4. Choose the installation type: 
    • Only for me installs the add-in for you. 
    • Everybody installs the add-in for multiple users.
      Only select Everybody if you've been informed to do so by your Anaplan Tenant administrator.
      When an update is available, non-administrator users must consult with their company's System Administrator. 
  5. Select Next.
  6. Browse...Next.
    If you want to change where the add-in is installed, select Browse... and navigate to where you want to install the add-in, and select OK.
  7. Select Install, then select Finish.

When the installation completes, open PowerPoint. If the installation has completed successfully, the Anaplan tab displays in the ribbon. 

If the Anaplan tab doesn't display:

  1. Restart PowerPoint.
  2. If the Anaplan tab doesn't display, enable the add-in.
  3. If the Anaplan tab still doesn't display, install the add-in from the .msi file.