In Anaplan, you can navigate your model with a keyboard. Anaplan supports keyboard shortcuts in most browsers, such as Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

The table below shows the keyboard shortcuts available in a model for Windows and Mac keyboards.

ActionWindows keyboard shortcutMac keyboard shortcut
Edit cellF2Function+F2
Enter a new line in a text cellControl+Alt+EnterOption+Enter
Drill downF8F8
Drill to transactionAlt+F8Option+F8
Switch tab leftControl+<Option+<
Switch tab rightControl+>Option+>
Toggle BlueprintControl+Shift+SpaceCommand+Shift+Space

To view a list of keyboard shortcuts in your model select Help > Keyboard shortcuts. On a Windows keyboard, press Control+?

You must use the copy and paste keyboard shortcuts to protect the clipboard from unauthorized access. If you use shortcuts from a menu, Anaplan and some modern browsers block commands from JavaScript and ask for permission to access the clipboard for security reasons.