Use model Contents , the Model settings bar , and model tabs to move around your model. You can use the navigation bar at the top to move between workspaces and models.

The Contents panel displays the modules, dashboards, and views in the model. To help you find what you need, a workspace administrator can organize a model's Contents so you only see content relevant to your model role. They can also group contents by functional area.

Select Contents to open model Contents. Expand or collapse a functional area to show or hide its contents.

Select an item in Contents to open it as a tab. You can also hover your mouse over a functional area name, then select Open all. This opens tabs for all content in that area.

If your model role has a landing dashboard, you can select Home at the top to open the landing dashboard.

You can search for modules, dashboards, and views in Contents. Type a search term in the search field to see results that include the term.

If enabled for your model role, you can toggle Show hidden content to the right to show any hidden content you can access.

Workspace administrators enable the Show hidden content toggle in the Contents pane, which you can select from the Model settings bar.

You can navigate to other parts of Anaplan with the blue Navigation bar at the top of your browser window.

The Navigation bar with the workspace and model selected so available workspaces display beneath it. A workspace is highlighted, so a sub-menu displays the models within that workspace for selection.

Select the Anaplan logo in the top left to go to Anaplan Home.

Next to this is the Application menu. Depending on your access permissions, you can use this to navigate to: AppsMy PagesModelsDocuSignAdministrationCloudWorks, or App Hub.  Your model and administration roles determine which features you have access to.

The current model displays next to the Application menu. Select this to switch to a different model. If you have access to more than one workspace you can select a workspace to see its models in a submenu. 

On the right of the navigation bar, you can:

  • Switch tenants, if you have access to more than one.
  • View your notifications.
  • Search for models, pages, and apps.
  • Open the Help menu.
  • Select your initials to view My Account or Log out.