You can access the Help menu from the navigation bar in a model. From here you can access our technical documentation and community advice, contact Support, toggle in-model help, and more.

To open the help menu, select Help from the right-hand side of the navigation bar.

The Help menu updates to display content that's relevant to your needs, based on what part of Anaplan you use. In a model you can select:

Menu optionInformation

Opens Anaplan Support in a new tab.

Here you can find helpful resources, answers to common questions, and contact our Support team.


Opens the Anaplan Community in a new tab.

Explore the community to discover expert advice and recommendations from other users.


Opens Anapedia in a new tab.

Consult Anapedia for our detailed help documentation.

Show help for this pageOpens documentation in a new tab that relates to the part of the model you're in.
Keyboard shortcutsOpens a dialog that shows common key combinations you can use to navigate the model.
Hide tips or Show tipsHides or shows the tips that display when you hover your cursor over certain features in the model. 
Show all confirmations

Displays all confirmation messages, including the ones you've previously dismissed.

For example, by default, a warning displays whenever you change the format of a line item. You can select Don't ask me again to dismiss the warning so it doesn't display again. If you then select Show all confirmations, the warning will show again when you change the data format. 

Hide breakback markers or Show breakback markersHide or show the mark in the top-left corner of a cell that indicates that Breakback applies to the cell.
Hide quick sum bar or Show quick sum barHide or show the quick sum bar at the bottom of a grid.

Show information about the model. This includes:

  • The locale. This indicates your location and language preferences, and is set by your browser's language settings.
  • The default number separator, which is determined by your locale.
  • The workspace ID.
  • The model ID and the size of the model.
  • The user ID, type of user, and model role of the current user.
  • Whether the user is a workspace administrator.
  • The session ID.
  • Whether auto-refresh is enabled.
    Support controls this.

You may be asked to include this information if you submit a support ticket.

Share feedbackEnter feedback about Anaplan.