Model builders can open modules, dashboards, lists, and line item subsets as separate tabs in a model. Manage your tabs at the top of the screen.

To open a tab, select Modules , Dashboards , Lists , or Line item subsets in the model settings bar. Select the model component you want to open as a tab, then select Open. Hold Shift to open many model components.

Note: You can only open modules and dashboards as tabs in Classic Anaplan.

The active tab displays with a white background and blue underline.

If the number of tabs exceeds the screen width, use the arrows to navigate your tabs.

In Classic Anaplan, select to view the modules and dashboards you have recently opened. If you have the relevant access, you can also view the Workflow, Model Map, and Model Settings tabs. If a landing dashboard is assigned to your role, select the landing dashboard in the list to open it.

To view two tabs side by side, right-click on a tab and select Split view right. If you then navigate to a page, the split view hides to display the full page.

To return a tab to the left, right-click on the tab and select Cancel split view.

In Classic Anaplan, if you want to view two tabs side by side, drag and drop each tab to your desired position.

If you want to reorder your tabs, drag each tab to a new position.

You can only reorder tabs with a cog icon in Classic Anaplan.

Note: You can only undock tabs in Classic Anaplan.

You can undock a tab to view the contents of a module or dashboard while working in other areas of your model. To undock a tab from the top of the screen, right-click on the tab, then select Undock. You can also drag and drop the tab to detach it. Double-click on a detached tab to dock it.

To close a tab, select on the tab. Alternatively, right-click on the tab, then select Close. Select Close all to close all tabs.

If a landing dashboard is assigned to your role, selecting Close all also closes the landing dashboard.

To close all tabs except one, right-click on the tab you want to keep open, then select Close other tabs in the new modeling experience, or Close Others in Classic Anaplan.

In the new modeling experience, you cannot close tabs with a cog icon, and Close other tabs and Close others is only available on the left side of a spit view.

In the new modeling experience, right-click on a dashboard tab to view dashboard toolbar options.