Model builders can open modules, dashboards, lists, and line item subsets as separate tabs in a model. Manage your tabs at the top of the screen.

To open a tab, select Modules , Dashboards , Lists , or Line item subsets in the model settings bar. Select the model component you want to open as a tab, then select Open. Hold Shift to open ‌model components.

The active tab displays with a white background and blue underline.

If the number of tabs exceeds the screen width, use the arrows to navigate your tabs.

To view two tabs side by side, right-click on a tab and select Split view right. If you then navigate to a page, the split view hides to display the full page.

To return a tab to the left tab, right-click on the tab and select Cancel split view.

If you want to reorder your tabs, drag each tab to a new position.

To close a tab, select on the tab. Alternatively, right-click on the tab, then select Close. Select Close all to close all tabs.

If a landing dashboard is assigned to your role, selecting Close all also closes the landing dashboard.

To close all tabs except one, right-click on the tab you want to keep open, then select Close other tabs.

Right click on a dashboard tab to view dashboard toolbar options.