As a workspace administrator, you can restore a deleted model within 14 days of deletion.

To restore a deleted model:

  1. In the Models tab of the Model Management dialog, select Show deleted models.
  2. Select the model you want to restore.
  3. Select Restore.

If you favorited the model before it was deleted, it's not restored as a favorite. You can favorite the model again.

Note: CloudWorks™ deletes any integrations when you delete a model. Recreate any integrations you need to use with the restored model.

Once you delete a model, the name becomes available for use with another model. If you restore a model, and another model has the model's original name, the name of the restored model has a number in brackets added to the end.

For example, if you restore Model A, and another model has that name, the restored model is renamed Model A(1).