The Copy & Archive feature enables you to back up and archive your model at the same time.

This feature prevents you from exceeding your workspace limit. If you have one large model that takes up the majority of your workspace allocation. You can take a copy of the original model, archive it, and restore it at a later date if you need to.

When you copy a model, the copied model does not retain the original model's history. When you archive or unarchive a model, these actions do not impact the history.

To copy and archive a model:

  1. In the Models tab of the Model Management dialog, select the model you want to copy and archive.
  2. Select Copy & Archive.
  3. Enter a name for the archived copy in the Model Name field.
    If the name already exists in the same workspace, or the name exceeds the model limit of 60 characters, the Copy & Archive button is unavailable. Choose a shorter name.
  4. Select Copy & Archive.
    A copy of the model saves as an archived model.

To view archived models in the Model Management dialog, select the Show Archived Models checkbox. Your archived models show in the list with a model archive icon . You can restore the model at any time.