Workspace administrators can change the model mode and set non-administrator access from the Change Mode dialog.

To access the Change Mode dialog, in the Models tab of the Model Management dialog, select Change Mode.

Models have four modes. You can use:

  • Standard mode to edit a model's structural information.
  • Deployed mode to prevent modifications from being made to the structural information in models. This ensures compatibility in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) between the test and production models to the develop model.
  • Locked mode to change the model to read-only so that you can view the model but are unable make changes to it.
  • Archived mode to store the model in Anaplan without an increase to your workspace allowance.
    You can restore an archived model, including all of its data, into the same workspace at a later date.

If a model is in standard or deployed mode, you can switch the model offline or online from the Non-administrator Access section of the Change Mode dialog:

  • Online allows non-workspace administrators to access the model.
  • Offline denies model access for non-workspace administrators. They can still view offline models from the models list.