You can run a delete from list using selection action to delete list items selected in a control module.

To run a delete from list using selection action, you must have a model role with access to the list for which the action is configured.

If you're a workspace administrator, you can run the action from the Actions pane. If you're not a workspace administrator, you need access to a dashboard to which the action has been published.

Depending on your role and the action configuration, you may need to select the items to delete from the control module. Alternatively, these may be preselected by someone else, or the control module may be configured to select items with a formula.

To run a delete from list using selection action:

  1. Navigate to either the Actions pane or to a dashboard that has the action button.
  2. In the Actions tab of the Actions pane, select the action and click Run. On a dashboard, click the action button.
    A dialog asks you to confirm you want to delete the selected items from the model.
  3. Select OK.
    A dialog confirms how many items were deleted.
  4. Select OK to return to the dashboard or Actions pane.