With the Tenant Auditor role, you can view audit events in the Anaplan Administration console.

To view audit events:

  • Audit must be enabled for your organization
  • You must be assigned the Tenant Auditor role

To view audit events:

  1. Access the Administration console from the navigation menu.
  2. Select Audit.

Your organization's audit events display.

Anaplan Audit. The filter is set to show all events. The User column data is obfuscated.
IDThe ID of the audit event.
TypeThe Anaplan code for the audit event.
MessageInformation that describes the action that was undertaken.
UserThe ID of the user who carried out the action.
Tenant IDThe ID of the tenant on which the action was carried out.
Object IDThe ID of the object on which the action was carried out.
Event DateThe date on which the event occurred in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

You can filter the view of events in the Filters panel on the right-hand side of the display. To filter the events:

  1. In the Filters panel, select an application from the list under Select Application.
  2. Under Time Period, select a time period from the dropdown.
    • To view audit events between specific dates, select Custom from the drop-down, then choose the dates you want.
    • Click Clear to clear the time period.