Use Workflow to design, implement, and manage automated business processes within the Anaplan user experience. Workflow enables you to create one-off tasks or more complex workflows, and assign them to stakeholders.

With Workflow, you can create repeatable business processes in the Anaplan user experience. This speeds up task assignment and the approval process. Workflow tells users which tasks they're responsible for, when they are due, and how to complete them.

Workflow provides:

  • An intuitive workflow design process.
  • Full integration with the Anaplan user experience and modeling experience.
  • Workflow progress, monitoring, and tracking of user tasks.
  • Task-level approval processes.
  • User notifications on web, email, and mobile.
  • Task management features such as reassignment and delegation.
  • Reusability of workflows through the use of templates.
  • Mobile functionality in the Anaplan app, to action workflow tasks on the go.
  • Event auditability for Tenant Auditors in Anaplan.

 Workflow owners can also create workflow templates and launch them as running workflows.

Note: Workflow is an entitled service, so you need to opt-in to access the feature. Your Account Executive can assist you with enabling Workflow. To fully use the functionality of Workflow you need the Workflow Owner role to create tasks and assign them to Anaplan users.